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I am currently offering basic public intro classes (20 person max); private in-depth somatic trauma resolution groups which consist of 8 classes (4 person max), and custom designed business organizational trainings.


"Get a Grip"

Basic Nervous System Skills Training

Unresolved trauma and the stresses of daily life can greatly impact our nervous systems functioning--as well as our overall health and well being. Yet, no where in our mainstream educational system or culture are we taught how our nervous system works and how to control it.

Whether you are younger or older, by taking the "Get a Grip" Basic Nervous System Skills Training you will learn the basics to take control of your life, gain confidence, rewire your relationships and reach your goals.

In this 3 hour "Get a Grip" Basic Nervous System Skills Training you will:

  • Learn how your nervous system works
  • Take an experiential tour of your nervous system
  • Identify your nervous system's patterning
  • Learn the 5 R's:
  • How to Recognize what triggers your nervous system
  • How to Resource your nervous system once triggered
  • How to Reframe whats happening in your nervous system
  • How to Rewire your nervous system patterning
  • How to create Resilient Relations by "Getting a Grip" on your nervous system

This intro class is good for people (ages 10 and up), who have experienced trauma, emotional difficulties, depression, anxiety and or relational issues. And, if you are one of the lucky people on earth who havent suffered from any of these conditions, then this training will help you gain skills to help others in your life who have. This basic training is prerequisite for my more advanced classes in Somatic Trauma Resolution.

Public intro classes are limited to 20 participants.

In Depth 8 week Somatic Trauma Transformation Group


"I have designed all my trainings to be as fun, playful and fascinating as they are safe, deep and transformational, and I am looking forward to sharing in this learning experience with you!" ~Polla

Polla Pratt

Polla Pratt, MA, SEP, RSMT, PDC

I am a somatic trauma specialist and whole systems process designer with over 15 years experience in creating positive change. See my website for full credentials.

For information about this series call me at: 415-299-4577






Science of Innate Intelligence

The following interdisciplinary pioneers contribute greatly to the evolving science of Innate Intelligence and form a foundation for the applied somatic work I offer in my private practice and Somatic Skills Training series.

I have been following the works of these world-class pioneers over the last 15-20 years. I draw upon their teachings and apply their continual scientific breakthroughs in my Innate Intelligence public trainings and private somatic trauma therapy practice.

To make the most of your training experience or private therapy work with me, I encourage you to read their books and check out their websites where you can learn more about their ground breaking works, upcoming events and extraordinary learning resources they offer.

Elisabet Sahtouris
Elisabet Sahtouris
Evolutionary Biologist
Book: A Walk Through Time

Bruce Lipton
Bruce Lipton
New Cell Biology, Epigenetics
Book: Biology of Belief, Spontaneous Evolution

Dr Dan Siegel
Dan Siegel
Interpersonal Neurobiology
Book: Mindsight, The Personal Science of Transformation

Peter Levine
Peter Levine
Trauma Healing
Book: Walking the Tiger

Dr Diane Heller
Diane Poole Heller
Early Attachment Repair

Fritjof Capra
Fritjof Capra
Living Systems Science
Book: The Web of Life

Steven Wineman Trauma and Non-Violent Social Change
Book: Power Under
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